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Kanga Hire Darling Downs - Dingo Hire Darling Downs - Earthmoving - Turf Solutions - Soil Removal

Down2Dirt will be moving from Brisbane to the Darling Downs in 2017.
Unfortunately, we are not taking anymore bookings for 2016 in Brisbane..
For any questions, call Chris on 0452 188 400


Down2Dirt is a QLD earthmoving & yard services business that is based in the Darling Downs, Our Professional staff will work proficiently and fast to get your job done in the shortest amount of time while working within your guidelines. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need advice.

Jobs we specialize in:

Earth Digging Services - Trench Digging - Post Hole Digging - Soil Supplies - Soil Leveling - Soil Removal -

Complete Turf Jobs - Turf Preparation - Turf Sales - Turf Laying Service - Top Dressing

- Paver Preparation - Concrete Preparation - Yard Excavation - Slope cutting

Tipper Truck Hire - Yard Services - Lawn Mowing -

With our range of equipment and expertise we can certainly cover your needs for almost any job

We have all our pricing set out on the website for your convenience. please click on the relevant service image to see pricing and information.

These include the following:

· Carrying Soil, Gravel, Rocks, and Green waste

· Leveling surfaces

· Moving Dirt, Gravel, Rocks and Sand

· Post hole boring (different sizes available)

· Trench digging

All these uses that the Kanga brings can make what seems like a huge job become easy.

If you are looking to hire us for earth moving we supply the Kanga loader with a trained driver for $66.00 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours per job. Our staff will listen to what your needs are then perform the job in a quick and professional manner.

If you have any inquiries or questions, you can contact us directly on 0447 067 153 we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Down2Dirt - Complete Turf Solutions From preparation to complete turf solutions, turf supply, complete laying service, our experienced team will have your new lawn looking amazing in 1-2 days.

Down2Dirt - Earth Moving Darling Downs provides Dingo Hire Darling Downs or Kanga Hire Darling Downs, our small earthmoving hire equipment can do almost every job that is put to us. we hire our services with an operator so the jobs can be done for you in the shortest amount of time possible, our operator can also advise you on the job if need be, our services are listed below.

Down2Dirt - Digger or Mini Digger hire, we have earth moving equipment for tight access areas, our Kanga loader is 1025mm wide but needs 1045mm access to get through tight areas.

Down2Dirt - Excavator mini loader hire Darling Downs ; using our Kanga Mini Loader we can accomplish the following; leveling yard services, cutting out driveways, pre turf preparation, (removing top layer of grass for new turf), preparation for laying pavers, preparation for retaining walls, preperation for any Darling Downs landscaper, If you are in need of an excavator Darling Downs or any type of excavation please call us and we will help with the job or organize and excavator for you.

Down2Dirt - Leveling excavation we have a leveling attachment so once the yard has been excavated we can get an even smooth level completion of the job.

Down2Dirt - Trencher hire Darling Downs trench digging for electrical cables, digging drains or solving drainage problems. Trench digger can do the job quickly and if your ready we can backfill the trench once drainage pipe is laid. If you need any type of trench digging Darling Downs please call us.

Down2Dirt - Post hole digger hire we have 3 sized augers 200mm 350mm 400mm which will cover fence post hole digging, retainer post hole digger or simply digging holes for plants and small tree's.

Down2Dirt - Turf preparation we can just do the turf preparation or we can do the whole job for you, our machine has pallet forks to pick up the turf and distribute the turf around your yard. we can also collect the soil for you.

Down2Dirt - Soil Removal We can remove the soil from your premises or site and dispose of the soil far cheaper than taking it to the council tip, when finshed we can use our leveling bar to smooth off the surface ready for grass seed or concreting.

Down2Dirt - Concrete Preparation We can remove the soil and green waste, cut the driveway concrete preparation to your specifications, usually 75-100mm deep ready for the pouring of the concrete.

Down2Dirt - Landscape Preparation We can prepare your yard for a landscape overhaul or prepare a new site ready for planting and mulching, we can use our auger to dig the holes for new plants and our 4in1 bucket to remove old green waste, cut and level the site.

Down2Dirt - Tipper truck hire We have a 2.5 tonne tipper truck that can be used for collecting supplies prior to your job or removing any type of waste during or once the job is complete.



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