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Tilt Tray & Towing Service Darling Downs

Down2Dirt is a Tilt Tray and Transport business Servicing the Southern and Darling Downs.


Jobs we specialize in:

Tilt Tray Services - 4WD Vehicles - Tractors -Machinery -Farm Machinery -

Diggers - Caravans - 20Ft Shipping Containers - Industrial Equipment

Fork Lifts - General Haulage - Large Items

Our Professional staff will work proficiently and fast to get your job done in the shortest amount of time while working within your guidelines. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need advice.


With our range of equipment and expertise we can certainly cover your needs for almost any job

These include the following:

· Carrying Soil, Gravel, Rocks, and Green waste

· Leveling surfaces

· Moving Dirt, Gravel, Rocks and Sand

· Post hole boring (different sizes available)

· Trench digging

All these uses that the Kanga brings can make what seems like a huge job become easy.

If you are looking to hire us for earth moving we supply the Kanga loader with a trained driver for $66.00 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours per job. Our staff will listen to what your needs are then perform the job in a quick and professional manner.

If you have any inquiries or questions, you can contact us directly on 0447 067 153 we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Down2Dirt covers a wide range of items from Shipping Container Transport - Farm Machinery Transport - Earth Moving Equipment Transport - Bobcat Transport - Vehicle Transport - Caravan Transport - 4WD Transport -Feedlot Transport - Tractor Transport as well as Palatalized Transport.
Down2Dirt Offers the service of Tilt tray Towing - Vehicle Towing - Caravan Towing - Tractor Towing - 4WD Towing - and General Towing Service.
Down2Dirt Covers a very wide area with Tilt Tray Towing Service - Below are a list of suburbs we work in:
CLIFTON - Clifton Towing - Clifton Tilt Tray - Towing Service Clifton - Tilt Tray Service Clifton - Shipping Container Transport Clifton
ALLORA - Allora Towing - Allora Tilt Tray - Towing Service Allora - Tilt Tray Service Allora - Shipping Container Transport Allora
WARWICK - Warwick Towing - Warwick Tilt Tray - Towing Service Warwick - Tilt Tray Service Warwick - Shipping Container Transport Warwick
LEYBURN - Leyburn Towing -Leyburn Tilt Tray - Towing Service Leyburn - Tilt Tray Service Leyburn - Shipping Container Transport Leyburn
TOOWOOMBA - Toowoomba Towing - Toowoomba Tilt Tray - Towing Service Toowoomba - Tilt Tray Service Toowoomba - Shipping Container Transport Toowoomba
FELTON - Felton Towing - Tilt Tray - Felton Towing Service  - Tilt Tray Service Felton - Shipping Container Transport Felton
SHIPPING CONTAINER TRANSPORT - Shipping Container Brisbane to Toowoomba - Shipping Container - Brisbane to Warwick - Shipping Container Toowoomba to Brisbane - Shipping Container towoomba to Warwick - Shipping Container Warwick to Toowoomba - Shipping Container Warwick to Stanthorpe - Shipping Container Stanthorpe to Warwick